Definition of "glaring" [glar•ing]

  • Shining intensely and blindingly: the glaring noonday sun. (adjective)
  • Tastelessly showy or bright; garish. (adjective)
  • Conspicuous; obvious: a glaring error. See Synonyms at flagrant. (adjective)
  • Staring with anger, fierceness, or hostility: glaring eyes. (adjective)

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Use "glaring" in a sentence
  • "My daughter refused to say, her expression glaring defiance."
  • "It spotlights what he calls a glaring problem for investors: that most indexes are hard-wired to overlook bargains and overpay for wildly popular stocks."
  • "Moodley was critical of what he termed a glaring ommision of the report to include information which would have contributed to greater transparency and understanding of how and why the Motheo contract was awarded."