Definition of "girl" []

  • A female child. (noun)
  • A daughter: our youngest girl. (noun)
  • Often Offensive A woman, especially a young woman. (noun)
  • Informal A woman socializing in a group of women: a night out with the girls. (noun)
  • Informal Used as a familiar form of address to express support of or camaraderie with a woman. (noun)
  • A female child from birth to young womanhood (noun)

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  • A young unmarried woman; lass; maid (noun)
  • A sweetheart or girlfriend (noun)
  • A woman of any age (noun)
  • A female employee, esp a female servant (noun)
  • A Black female servant of any age (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "girl" in a sentence
  • ""the Indiana girl," from the name of her pa's hotel, though it must be confessed that the sweet name of _girl_ seems sadly incongruous when applied to such a gigantic piece of humanity."
  • "She's not only the prettiest girl I've seen for many a year, but she's _the girl_. ""
  • "I want to say I'm the new "girl," but unless you are in the South where the term girl is used as commonly as "you" in some places, I think I'm past qualifying..."