Definition of "gating" []

  • A movable barrier, usually hinged, for closing an opening in a wall, fence, etc (noun)
  • An opening to allow passage into or out of an enclosed place (noun)
  • Any means of entrance or access (noun)
  • A mountain pass or gap, esp one providing entry into another country or region (noun)
  • The number of people admitted to a sporting event or entertainment (noun)
  • The total entrance money received from them (noun)
  • (in a large airport) any of the numbered exits leading to the airfield or aircraft (noun)
  • A logic circuit having one or more input terminals and one output terminal, the output being switched between two voltage levels determined by the combination of input signals (noun)
  • A circuit used in radar that allows only a fraction of the input signal to pass (noun)
  • The electrode region or regions in a field-effect transistor that is biased to control the conductivity of the channel between the source and drain (noun)
  • A component in a motion-picture camera or projector that holds each frame flat and momentarily stationary behind the lens (noun)
  • A slotted metal frame that controls the positions of the gear lever in a motor vehicle (noun)
  • A hinged clasp to prevent the oar from jumping out of a rowlock (noun)
  • A frame surrounding the blade or blades of a saw (noun)
  • To provide with a gate or gates (verb)
  • To restrict (a student) to the school or college grounds as a punishment (verb)
  • To select (part of a waveform) in terms of amplitude or time (verb)
  • Present participle of gate. (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016 : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "gating" in a sentence
  • "One of the reasons the firm's hedge-fund assets fell significantly was because it didn't stop investors from leaving its funds through so-called gating, according to Deepak Gurnani, head of hedge funds at Investcorp."
  • "When hedge funds invoked clauses in their investments that kept investors from taking their money out - so-called gating provisions - investors scrambled to raise money from other assets."
  • "Chanda and his team zeroed in on the structure that connects the voltage sensor and the pore, a protein region called the gating interface, which consists of a series of amino acids."