Definition of "gath" []

  • One of the five cities of the Philistines, from which Goliath came (I Samuel 17:4) and near which Saul fell in battle (II Samuel 1:20) (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

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  • "Moresheth-gath is so called because it had fallen for a time under the power of the neighboring Philistines of Gath."
  • "In vain may _Giles_, thro 'gath'ring glooms that fall,"
  • "Sumbudy musta hoid itz “Nashunl Kitteh Herdn Dai”, and gath- geth- kolectd kittehs fr praktis…."
  • "One by one, their massive engines combining to generate a deep-throated mechanical drone that drowned out every other sound, warships were gath-ering around the conquest icon, almost as if they were on parade."
  • "Unaffected by the impact, the Lord Marshal gath-ered himself for another assault."
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