Definition of "gasconade" [gas•con•ade]

  • Boastfulness; bravado. (noun)

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Use "gasconade" in a sentence
  • "Morrow said there was too much of that kind of gasconade in America, and that after our desperate struggle at home we would not be likely to engage in one with England."
  • "In fact, the as-yet-unbuilt yacht is so big, it's actually a "Gigayacht", the press release adds, with a touch of gasconade--as though the author of the release said to himself "hang on old chap, megayacht sounds a bit runty", and went one bigger."
  • "Just now, when every one is bound, under pain of a decree in absence convicting them of lese-respectability, to enter on some lucrative profession, and labour therein with something not far short of enthusiasm, a cry from the opposite party who are content when they have enough, and like to look on and enjoy in the meanwhile, savours a little of bravado and gasconade."