Definition of "gap" []

  • An opening in a solid structure or surface; a cleft or breach: wriggled through a gap in the fence; a large gap in the wall where the artillery shell had exploded. (noun)
  • A break in a line of defense. (noun)
  • An opening through mountains; a pass. (noun)
  • A space between objects or points; an aperture: a gap between his front teeth. (noun)
  • An interruption of continuity: a nine-minute gap in the recorded conversation; needed to fill in the gaps in her knowledge. (noun)
  • A break or opening in a wall, fence, etc (noun)

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  • A break in continuity; interruption; hiatus (noun)
  • A break in a line of hills or mountains affording a route through (noun)
  • A gorge or ravine (noun)
  • A divergence or difference; disparity (noun)
  • A break in a magnetic circuit that increases the inductance and saturation point of the circuit (noun)
  • To make a breach or opening in (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "gap" in a sentence
  • "Bull, one of this year's panelists, said this is not the first NACAC panel on the topic, but it is the first time the term gap year was used in the title."
  • "What falls in the gap is any subtlety of insight into actual human beings."
  • "I am personally of the opinion that this gap is at least in large part genetic, but also entirely meaningless and useless outside the narrow area of education policy."