Definition of "galaxias" []

  • A genus of fishes, typical of the family Galaxiidæ. The species are peculiar to the fresh waters of the southern hemisphere. (noun)
  • A subgenus or section of land-shells, typified by Helix globulus. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

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  • "Two native fish, swamp galaxias Galaxias parvus (V) and Lake Pedder galaxias G. pedderensis (V), are largely restricted to the area."
  • "Some of the more distinctive fishes in the clear mountain streams of this region include the Cape galaxias (Galaxias zebratus), an elongated, scaleless fish, as well as several species of endemic redfin minnows (Pseudobarbus spp.)."
  • "No sé por qué me hace pensar en Anakin, el joven que después se transforma en Darth Vader en la película La guerra de las galaxias."