Definition of "galanterie" [galanterie]

  • In music: An embellishment or grace. (noun)
  • A style of composition or of performance in which embellishments abound. (noun)
  • In contrapuntal writing, a style which disregards Strict rules. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "galanterie" in a sentence
  • "In all commissions, whether from men or women, point de galanterie, bring them in your account, and be paid to the uttermost farthing; but if you would show them une galanterie, let your present be of something that is not in your commission, otherwise you will be the Commissionaire banal of all the women of Saxony."
  • "Her tone, however, did not vary, and she preached la belle galanterie to some who went a little beyond it."
  • "She resolved to cast aside reflection, to dry her tears, and she took a thick folio volume placed upon a table inlaid with enamel and medallions; it was the 'Astree' of M. d'Urfe -- a work 'de belle galanterie' adored by the fair prudes of the court."