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  • "The 28 ga is a fine performer on woodcock and grouse and is much easier to connect with than the 3 410 that I believe holds the same amount of shot."
  • "I'm thankful to be an American, and I enjoy seeing the president being able to spend time with his family and being able to mingle with other Americans ... the entourage and security are required ..... give it a rest, will ya? roger in ga"
  • "The republicans can criticize all they want to, he is still my president i voted for him and im going to stand by him and pray for him. yes he had to make some tough decisions all presidents do and will to have to continue to make some tough ones but im not going to turn against him because i dont agree with him on some issues. roger in ga"
  • "If a dem had done it during a W speech we would never hear the end of it. carina in ga"