Definition of "furze-bush" [furze-bush]

  • Furze. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "furze-bush" in a sentence
  • "In the spring of 1850 a boy caught a moribund black-capped petrel that he saw “flapping for some time from one furze-bush to another” at South Acre, near Swaffham in Norfolk; “exhausted as it was, it had strength enough remaining to bite violently the hand of its captor, who thereupon killed it.”"
  • "Lady Scudamore smiled, for she was thinking of her son, who would have jumped over any furze-bush there — and the fir-trees too, according to her conviction; Dolly also showed her very beautiful teeth; but Faith looked at him gratefully."
  • "The ludicrous singularity of his features, and the half-mown crop of hair that bristled from one side of his countenance, invited some wags to make merry at his expense; one of them clapped a furze-bush under the tail of Gilbert, who, feeling himself thus stimulated a posteriori, kicked and plunged, and capered in such a manner, that Timothy could hardly keep the saddle."