Definition of "function" []

  • The action for which a person or thing is particularly fitted or employed. (noun)
  • Assigned duty or activity. (noun)
  • A specific occupation or role: in my function as chief editor. (noun)
  • An official ceremony or a formal social occasion. (noun)
  • Something closely related to another thing and dependent on it for its existence, value, or significance: Growth is a function of nutrition. (noun)
  • The natural action or intended purpose of a person or thing in a specific role (noun)

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  • An official or formal social gathering or ceremony (noun)
  • A factor dependent upon another or other factors (noun)
  • A relation between two sets that associates a unique element (the value) of the second (the range) with each element (the argument) of the first (the domain): a many-one relation. Symbol: f(x) The value of f(x) for x = 2 is f(2) (noun)
  • To operate or perform as specified; work properly (verb)
  • To perform the action or role (of something or someone else) (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "function" in a sentence
  • "Thus, in Church's proposal, the words ˜recursive function of positive integers™ can be replaced by the words ˜function of positive integers computable by Turing machine™."
  • "The last function A, called the _altitude function_, will be explained when high angle fire is considered."
  • "My thesis now is this: that, when we think of the law that thought is a function of the brain, we are not required to think of productive function only; _we are entitled also to consider permissive or transmissive function_."