Definition of "fromm" []

  • Erich (ˈɛrɪk). 1900–80, US psychologist and philosopher, born in Germany. His works include The Art of Loving (1956) and To Have and To Be (1976) (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

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  • "([email protected]).actually al there were my id's but some one haked them giveme mine password fromm y victims.plz..ok bye&takecare.send me my paswords on my new id ([email protected])"
  • "FYI, Muslims come for Hajj fromm ALL over the world, Muslims do not only live in Muslim countries."
  • "We always liked a fresh new look rather than an old faded look, and we were not fromm rich families."
  • "They arev here either because they pay (andntherefore theyb can ALL come) or they are fromm thebEU and therefore they consistently fail to pay the fees and should not be allwoed to graduate."