Definition of "frieze" []

  • Architecture A plain or decorated horizontal part of an entablature between the architrave and cornice. (noun)
  • Architecture A decorative horizontal band, as along the upper part of a wall in a room. (noun)
  • A coarse, shaggy woolen cloth with an uncut nap. (noun)
  • A dense, low-pile surface, as in carpeting, resembling such cloth. (noun)
  • The horizontal band between the architrave and cornice of a classical entablature, esp one that is decorated with sculpture (noun)

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  • The upper part of the wall of a room, below the cornice, esp one that is decorated (noun)
  • Any ornamental band or strip on a wall (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "frieze" in a sentence
  • "Also in frieze, Rebecca Warren on Far From Heaven, "artificial and exultant, but so cruelly truthful it made me feel sick and afraid for three days," two by Bu�uel, two by Bresson, two more by David Lynch and so on - a fine list."
  • "Nor did his presence owe anything to his dress, which was of that long-haired coarse woollen stuff they called frieze, worn, probably, by not another nobleman in the country, and regarded as fitter for a yeoman."
  • "It was a bold move to bring back the 'frieze' - how do you think people will go with it?"