Definition of "fraction" []

  • Mathematics An expression that indicates the quotient of two quantities, such as 1/3 . (noun)
  • A disconnected piece; a fragment. (noun)
  • A small part; a bit: moved a fraction of a step. (noun)
  • A chemical component separated by fractionation. (noun)
  • A ratio of two expressions or numbers other than zero (noun)

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  • Any rational number that is not an integer (noun)
  • Any part or subdivision (noun)
  • A small piece; fragment (noun)
  • A component of a mixture separated by a fractional process, such as fractional distillation (noun)
  • The formal breaking of the bread in Communion (noun)
  • The act of breaking (noun)
  • To divide (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "fraction" in a sentence
  • "Loop if (y0 = y1) break if (fraction > = 0) x0+ = stepx, fraction - = dy y0+ = stepy, fraction+ = dx"
  • "Loop if (x0 = x1) break if (fraction > y0+ = stepy, fraction - = dx x0+ = stepx, fraction+ = dy"
  • "And in Sweden today the guard labor fraction is less than half that of the United States."