Definition of "fox" []

  • Any of various carnivorous mammals of the genus Vulpes and related genera, related to the dogs and wolves and characteristically having upright ears, a pointed snout, and a long bushy tail. (noun)
  • The fur of one of these mammals. (noun)
  • A crafty, sly, or clever person. (noun)
  • Slang A sexually attractive person. (noun)
  • Nautical Small cordage made by twisting together two or more strands of tarred yarn. (noun)
  • Any canine mammal of the genus Vulpes and related genera. They are mostly predators that do not hunt in packs and typically have large pointed ears, a pointed muzzle, and a bushy tail (noun)

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  • The fur of any of these animals, usually reddish-brown or grey in colour (noun)
  • A person who is cunning and sly (noun)
  • A sexually attractive woman (noun)
  • A jackal (noun)
  • An image of a false prophet (noun)
  • Small stuff made from yarns twisted together and then tarred (noun)
  • To perplex or confound (verb)
  • To cause (paper, wood, etc) to become discoloured with spots, or (of paper, etc) to become discoloured, as through mildew (verb)
  • To trick; deceive (verb)
  • To act deceitfully or craftily (verb)
  • To pursue stealthily; tail (verb)
  • To chase and retrieve (a ball) (verb)
  • To befuddle with alcoholic drink (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "fox" in a sentence
  • "Yet I heard only the other day of a woman who boasted that she had been among the few "in at the death" one day in fox - hunting, and that when the brush was given to her, her face was _spattered with the blood of the fox_."
  • "July 31st, 2006 at 1: 30 pm matthew says: at least a fox is an appropriate annalogy (not REAL foxes mind you, real foxes are cool, I mean the steriotypical-anthropomorphized-media version of the fox)"
  • "We did not answer, because now, for the first time, it came over all of us, in a rush of blushes and uncomfortableness, that burying a fox is a suspicious act."