Definition of "fokker" []

  • Anthony Herman Gerard (ɑnˈtoːniː ˈhɛrman ˈxeːrɑrt). 1890–1939, Dutch designer and builder of aircraft, born in Java (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "fokker" in a sentence
  • ""Got no freedom in this place Time to get out an" get on with the race This place -ere stinks, this space -ere winks Let's waste this fokker and get back to our Stinks."
  • "Im now flying a new fokker and you will be in my sights,soon to see you in the sky"
  • "It is equally obvious that it is one of MANY parametric inputs (the obviously dominant one, in my opinion) and that our ignorance of many of a near infinity of these inputs (fine grained, they go down to that damnable butterfly in Brazil, after all) requires that a HALFWAY believably model be something like a langevin equation (solved via a fokker-plank equation approach, maybe), if not a full-blown non-Markovian, stochastic, integrodifferential equation."
  • "The _fokker_ turned at the approach of its second enemy and in full retreat made for the German lines."
  • "Meanwhile the first aviator, pursued by the German _fokker_, had evidently determined to give battle."