Definition of "flux" []

  • A flow or flowing. (noun)
  • A continued flow; a flood. See Synonyms at flow. (noun)
  • The flowing in of the tide. (noun)
  • Medicine The discharge of large quantities of fluid material from the body, especially the discharge of watery feces from the intestines. (noun)
  • Physics The rate of flow of fluid, particles, or energy through a given surface. (noun)
  • A flow or discharge (noun)

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  • Continuous change; instability (noun)
  • A substance, such as borax or salt, that gives a low melting-point mixture with a metal oxide. It is used for cleaning metal surfaces during soldering, etc, and for protecting the surfaces of liquid metals (noun)
  • A chemical used to increase the fluidity of refining slags in order to promote the rate of chemical reaction (noun)
  • A similar substance used in the making of glass (noun)
  • The rate of flow of particles, energy, or a fluid, through a specified area, such as that of neutrons (neutron flux) or of light energy (luminous flux) (noun)
  • The strength of a field in a given area expressed as the product of the area and the component of the field strength at right angles to the area (noun)
  • An excessive discharge of fluid from the body, such as watery faeces in diarrhoea (noun)
  • The act or process of melting; fusion (noun)
  • (in the philosophy of Heraclitus) the state of constant change in which all things exist (noun)
  • To make or become fluid (verb)
  • To apply flux to (a metal, soldered joint, etc) (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "flux" in a sentence
  • "And, my flux is also my trip to Paris, a week from tomorrow."
  • "GIRL: "I don't so much mind what you call her flux-de-bouche scolding, but, when she flounced out of the room, she said I was not to go home this Saturday.""
  • "Perhaps "flux" is even putting mildly, compared to star Daniel Radcliffe's characterization."