Definition of "fluorine" [flu•or•ine]

  • A pale-yellow, highly corrosive, poisonous, gaseous halogen element, the most electronegative and most reactive of all the elements, used in a wide variety of industrially important compounds. Atomic number 9; atomic weight 18.9984; freezing point -219.62°C; melting point -223°C; boiling point -188.14°C; specific gravity of liquid 1.108 (at boiling point); valence 1. See Table at element. (noun)

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Use "fluorine" in a sentence
  • ""The new mineral does not contain fluorine and is white rather than green, but in all other respects the chemistry matches that for the rock containing kryptonite," Stanley said."
  • "It's a corrosive gas, like fluorine, which is used to etch glass."
  • "At a red heat platinic fluoride decomposes into metallic platinum and fluorine, which is evolved in the free state."