Definition of "flocked" []

  • A group of animals of one kind, esp sheep or birds (noun)
  • A large number of people; crowd (noun)
  • A body of Christians regarded as the pastoral charge of a priest, a bishop, the pope, etc (noun)
  • A band of people; group (noun)
  • To gather together or move in a flock (verb)
  • To go in large numbers (verb)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of flock. (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016 : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "flocked" in a sentence
  • "Arriving at Telamon, in Etruria, and coming ashore, he proclaimed freedom for the slaves; and many of the countrymen, also, and shepherds thereabouts, who were already freemen, at the hearing his name flocked to him to the sea-side."
  • "Early Sunday morning the guests poured down the zig-zag in a living cataract on the one side, and flocked from the valleys on the other – from Hoti, from Kastrati and Boga, all in their best – men first, their women following."
  • "Supporters who had come to watch the squad in their half-term flocked to him in recognition of his form this season, leading Gerard Houllier to accept that the supporters have finally come around."