Definition of "flaunt" []

  • (verb-transitive) To exhibit ostentatiously or shamelessly: flaunts his knowledge. See Synonyms at show.
  • (verb-transitive) Usage Problem To show contempt for; scorn.
  • (verb-intransitive) To parade oneself ostentatiously; show oneself off.
  • (verb-intransitive) To wave grandly: pennants flaunting in the wind.

Use "flaunt" in a sentence

  • "The actors, dubbed in English, flaunt bold, black leather spacesuits as they bravely march through stage fog on a set aglow in strange popsicle colors."
  • "It is a deeply incisive explanation of how we all begin, how we plod on, and how we approach the end -- we are always looking for a theory or an idea to bring cohesion to the chaos that is life, whether it be the career we choose (or reject) or the spouse we adore (or don't) or the label we flaunt ("free-spirit," "dependable," "respectable")."
  • "To flaunt is to make an ostentatious or defiant display: She flaunted her beauty."

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