Definition of "flaring" []

  • To burn or cause to burn with an unsteady or sudden bright flame (verb)
  • To spread or cause to spread outwards from a narrow to a wider shape (verb)
  • To make a conspicuous display of (verb)
  • To increase the temperature of (a molten metal or alloy) until a gaseous constituent of the melt burns with a characteristic flame or (of a molten metal or alloy) to show such a flame (verb)
  • (in the oil industry) to burn off (unwanted gas) at an oil well (verb)
  • An unsteady flame (noun)
  • A sudden burst of flame (noun)
  • A blaze of light or fire used to illuminate, identify, alert, signal distress, etc (noun)
  • The device producing such a blaze (noun)
  • A spreading shape or anything with a spreading shape (noun)
  • A sudden outburst, as of emotion (noun)
  • The unwanted light reaching the image region of an optical device by reflections inside the instrument, etc (noun)
  • The fogged area formed on a negative by such reflections (noun)
  • The final transition phase of an aircraft landing, from the steady descent path to touchdown (noun)
  • An open flame used to burn off unwanted gas at an oil well (noun)
  • Present participle of flare. (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016 : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "flaring" in a sentence
  • "Big picture of Robin flaring the black wings growing from his arms and shins."
  • "If you notice fish turning away or flaring from a lure, chances are it's too bright and/or too large."
  • "The absurdity of it amused him at first every time he saw his name flaring in big red and yellow letters from placards and hoardings."