Definition of "flannel" [flan•nel]

  • (noun) A soft woven cloth of wool or a blend of wool and cotton or synthetics.
  • (noun) Outer clothing, especially trousers, made of this cloth.
  • (noun) Underclothing made of this cloth.
  • (noun) Flannelette.

Use "flannel" in a sentence

  • "If he did not already wear flannel waistcoats, let it be winter or summer, I should recommend him immediately to do so: if it be winter, I should advise him also to take to _flannel_ drawers."
  • "It has an independent drugstore; men in flannel browsing around the Power Center, which sells lawn mowers and chain saws; and four kinds of potato salad in the Piggly Wiggly."
  • "You think Han Solo would look better in flannel cause he looks a little sissy in that vest."

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