Definition of "flag" []

  • A piece of cloth, usually rectangular, of distinctive color and design, used as a symbol, standard, signal, or emblem. (noun)
  • National or other allegiance, as symbolized by a flag: ships of the same flag. (noun)
  • A ship carrying the flag of an admiral; a flagship. (noun)
  • A marking device, such as a gummed strip of paper, attached to an object to attract attention or ease identification; a tab. (noun)
  • The masthead of a newspaper. (noun)
  • A piece of cloth, esp bunting, often attached to a pole or staff, decorated with a design and used as an emblem, symbol, or standard or as a means of signalling (noun)

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  • A small paper flag, emblem, or sticker sold on flag days (noun)
  • An indicator, that may be set or unset, used to indicate a condition or to stimulate a particular reaction in the execution of a computer program (noun)
  • The fringe of long hair, tapering towards the tip, on the underside of the tail of certain breeds of dog, such as setters (noun)
  • The conspicuously marked tail of a deer (noun)
  • The part of a taximeter that is raised when a taxi is for hire (noun)
  • The pennant-shaped pattern that is formed when a price fluctuation is plotted on a chart, interrupting the steady rise or fall that precedes and then follows it (noun)
  • To decorate or mark with a flag or flags (verb)
  • To warn or signal (a vehicle) to stop (verb)
  • To send or communicate (messages, information, etc) by flag (verb)
  • To decoy (game or wild animals) by waving a flag or similar object so as to attract their attention (verb)
  • To mark (a page in a book, card, etc) for attention by attaching a small tab or flag (verb)
  • To draw attention to (something) (verb)
  • To consider unimportant; brush aside (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "flag" in a sentence
  • "It was stated, that he asked the boy what he saw, and the boy answered, "_I see a little man_," -- Tell him to bring a flag, -- "_Now he has brought a flag_.""
  • "Global outputdebug Function: \% A_ThisFunc\% flag = \% flag\% if Flag = 1"
  • "I have never heard that an upside-down flag is code for a distress signal."