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Definition of "fire up" [fire up]

  • To ignite. (verb)
  • Of an engine or similar, to start. (verb)
  • To launch; to run. (verb)
  • To excite; to infuse with energy. (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "fire up" in a sentence
  • "The other crane continued to fire up at the incomingHalicarnassus, unleashing a thousand rounds of AA ammunition and another Stinger missile—which Pooh Bear just blasted out of the sky a moment later."
  • "In the sauté pan you can fire up chili peanuts, curry cashews, herbalicious mixed nuts in the time it takes to say, “Business Class.”"
  • "The next morning, while I was still bathing and dressing the baby, my mother-in-law spied the as-yet-unused combinet and latched on to it, hauling it off to the kitchen, where she ordered Dad to fire up the monstrous coal range."
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