Definition of "fellowship" []

  • The condition of sharing similar interests, ideals, or experiences, as by reason of profession, religion, or nationality. (noun)
  • The companionship of individuals in a congenial atmosphere and on equal terms. (noun)
  • A close association of friends or equals sharing similar interests. (noun)
  • Friendship; comradeship. (noun)
  • The financial grant made to a fellow in a college or university. (noun)
  • The state of sharing mutual interests, experiences, activities, etc (noun)

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  • A society of people sharing mutual interests, experiences, activities, etc; club (noun)
  • Companionship; friendship (noun)
  • The state or relationship of being a fellow (noun)
  • Mutual trust and charitableness between Christians (noun)
  • A Church or religious association (noun)
  • A financed research post providing study facilities, privileges, etc, often in return for teaching services (noun)
  • A foundation endowed to support a postgraduate research student (noun)
  • An honorary title carrying certain privileges awarded to a postgraduate student (noun)
  • The body of fellows in a college, university, etc (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "fellowship" in a sentence
  • "And I think this fellowship is a really nice opportunity to think what other ways are there."
  • "He received a journalism fellowship from the Institute of Current World Affairs in 1938 and was sent to the University of London's prestigious School of Oriental Studies before traveling to South Asia."
  • "I wanted to note that Lazarus, this World Food Prize fellowship is a big deal."