Definition of "fearful" []

  • Causing or capable of causing fear; frightening: a fearful howling. (adjective)
  • Experiencing fear; frightened. See Synonyms at afraid. (adjective)
  • Feeling or inclined to feel anxiety or apprehension; timid; nervous. (adjective)
  • Indicating anxiety, fear, or terror: a fearful, nervous glance. (adjective)
  • Feeling reverence, dread, or awe. (adjective)
  • Having fear; afraid (adjective)

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  • Causing fear; frightening (adjective)
  • Very unpleasant or annoying (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "fearful" in a sentence
  • "I. iii.176 (130,9) [left in the fearful guard] [W: fearless] Dr. Warburton has forgotten that _fearful_ is not only that which fears, but that which is feared or causes fear."
  • "Her head held high, her expression fearful, she half expected applause."
  • "But, then, two Saturdays before Christmas, 1968, I was one of three little paddyboy white kids from Brooklyn (along with Benjy and Andy, both from the same school, both in fearful awe of Alonzo the way I was, both music-freaks like me) making our way to the Fillmore East and into a sold out crowd of other paddyboy white kids ... musical thrill-seekers all, there to witness The Sam & Dave Review."