Definition of "fast one" []

  • Informal A shrewd trick or swindle; a deceitful or treacherous act. (noun)

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Use "fast one" in a sentence
  • "He did a rifle check for about the thousandth time, opening the bolt to see the glint of the Black Hills 168-grain Sierra match HPBT cartridge nested snugly just where it should be, repressed the bolt to lock up, then touched the safety, making triple certain it was off so he could fire the fast one if needed."
  • "It was there that Sixpence asked in all innocence if my car was a fast one and we got her up to eighty-six before I had to shut her down for a corner, but mostly we were running at about fifty."
  • "But Rune felt the studio pulling a fast one in its portrayal of the cop's virginal girlfriend, played by — what a name — Ruby Dahl."