Definition of "familiarity" []

  • Considerable acquaintance with. (noun)
  • Established friendship; intimacy. (noun)
  • An excessively familiar or informal act; an impropriety. (noun)
  • A sexual advance. (noun)
  • The quality or condition of being familiar. (noun)
  • Reasonable knowledge or acquaintance, as with a subject or place (noun)

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  • Close acquaintanceship or intimacy (noun)
  • Undue intimacy (noun)
  • An instance of unwarranted intimacy (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "familiarity" in a sentence
  • "She knows how to coach and her name familiarity could help her with recruiting."
  • "While the movie told the vast majority of the story through the eyes of Arthur Dent, schlubby English nobody, as a way of giving the viewing audience a point-of-view they could relate to and gain familiarity with during the fantastical events of the story."
  • "One of the powerful, deep-seated cognitive biases that doomed Carruthers is called the "familiarity heuristic.""