Definition of "fama" [fama]

  • Report; rumor; fame. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "fama" in a sentence
  • "It starts with a kind of strong following at the grassroots, what in Latin they call fama sanctitatis, that is, the Fame of Sanctity, the idea that a person has a reputation by the people to whom he or she was known for having lived a holy life."
  • "For rumour [the Greek pheme, via fama in Latin, gives us our word fame] is an evil thing; by nature she's a light weight to lift up, yes, but heavy to carry and hard to put down again."
  • "Japan: Reactions to the Japanese tourist rip-off in Italy: parece que en Italia los turistas japoneses tienen fama de aceptar casi cualquier precio que se les pida, y esto ha dado lugar a una serie de problemas recientes."