Definition of "fallout" []

  • The slow descent of minute particles of debris in the atmosphere following an explosion, especially the descent of radioactive debris after a nuclear explosion. (noun)
  • The particles that descend in this fashion. (noun)
  • An incidental result or side effect: "Other social trends also have psychiatric fallout, and the people who suffer can't afford treatment” ( Martha Farnsworth Riche). (noun)
  • The descent of solid material in the atmosphere onto the earth, esp of radioactive material following a nuclear explosion (noun)

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  • Any solid particles that so descend (noun)
  • Side-effects; secondary consequences (noun)
  • To quarrel or disagree (verb)
  • To happen or occur (verb)
  • To leave a parade or disciplinary formation (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "fallout" in a sentence
  • "Another McCain fallout from the values summit - McCain forgot he voted to confirm three judges he said he would never nominate."
  • "LEMON: Well, we often use the term fallout to mean repercussions or consequences, but in this story we mean fallout."
  • "Due to the severe fallout from the terrorist attacks that came on the heels of the telecom and Internet industry implosions, virtually all non-critical spending stopped."