Definition of "facies" [‖Fa•ci•es]

  • Biology The general aspect or outward appearance, as of a given growth of flora. (noun)
  • Medicine The appearance or expression of the face, especially when typical of a certain disorder or disease. (noun)
  • Geology A rock or stratified body distinguished from others by its appearance or composition. (noun)

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Use "facies" in a sentence
  • "1994 Dr. Gianotti from Italy suggests that Cayler Cardiofacial syndrome, also known as asymmetric crying facies, is due to a 22q11. 2 deletion."
  • "At this time the condition of the patient was as follows: The face presented the appearance known as facies hippocratica: the eyeballs were prominent, the corneæ glassy, the pupils widely dilated, not acting to light, and there was no reflex action of the conjunctivæ; the lips were livid, the tongue tumefied, but pallid, the skin ashy pale, the cutaneous tissues apparently devoid of elasticity."
  • "It is well known that this correspondence is recognized in the general 'facies' of the flora and fauna, dependent on generic identities."