Definition of "fabric" [fab•ric]

  • (noun) A cloth produced especially by knitting, weaving, or felting fibers.
  • (noun) The texture or quality of such cloth.
  • (noun) A complex underlying structure: destroyed the very fabric of the ancient abbey during wartime bombing; needs to protect the fabric of civilized society.
  • (noun) A method or style of construction.
  • (noun) A structural material, such as masonry or timber.
  • (noun) any cloth made from yarn or fibres by weaving, knitting, felting, etc
  • (noun) the texture of a cloth
  • (noun) a structure or framework
  • (noun) a style or method of construction
  • (noun) a building
  • (noun) the texture, arrangement, and orientation of the constituents of a rock

Use "fabric" in a sentence

  • "This fabric is also a decorator weight fabric, used for various household things, so it is very sturdy and takes a lot of wear and tear and washings."
  • "I also think the fabric is a perfect with the colors of the fresh blueberries and the blueberry ice cream."
  • ""It's cramped, it's overused, the fabric is appalling, there's next to no storage facilities, and staff are working in unacceptable conditions.""

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