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Definition of "extroverted" [extroverted]

  • Marked by interest in and behavior directed toward others or the environment as opposed to or to the exclusion of self; gregarious or outgoing: "the hearty and extroverted types who dominated public life in Boston” ( Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr.) (adjective)

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Use "extroverted" in a sentence
  • "Even though we call their extroverted Maestro cousins “performers,” in fact many fine performers, including some of the greatest actors and singer-songwriters, are introverted Maestros."
  • "First Impression: Brenda is described as an extroverted and confident woman who’s hardworking, capable, and assertive."
  • "With a little help from the perpetually upbeat Muppets, the band rediscovered the reasons they were together and went to work on "Scars and Stories," a record Slade described as "extroverted" when compared to the first two "introverted and introspective" albums."