Definition of "extravaganza" []

  • An elaborate, spectacular entertainment or display: "Washington is an extravaganza of great buildings, greenery, and monuments” ( Larry Griffin). (noun)
  • Music A composition marked by freedom and diversity of form, often with burlesque elements and satirical or parodic intent. (noun)
  • An elaborately staged and costumed light entertainment (noun)

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  • Any lavish or fanciful display, literary or other composition, etc (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "extravaganza" in a sentence
  • "Going to Philly for the Spooky/Hugh/Nikki birthday extravaganza is $140+; if I can swing that * and* the printer bill, great."
  • "Esteemed colleagues and fellow bloggers: The following video extravaganza is an electronic manifestation of a special feature that's running in the July issue of Field & Stream."
  • "The bloggiversary giveaway extravaganza is shutting down the day after Christmas, so be sure to get your entries in to paperfruitcontest at gmail dot com before midnight Mountain Time on Dec. 26th!"