Definition of "extinction" []

  • The act of extinguishing. (noun)
  • The condition of being extinguished. (noun)
  • The fact of being extinct or the process of becoming extinct: "The most effective agent in the extinction of species is the pressure of other species” ( Alfred R. Wallace). (noun)
  • Psychology A reduction or a loss in the strength or rate of a conditioned response when the unconditioned stimulus or reinforcement is withheld. (noun)
  • Physiology A gradual decrease in the excitability of a nerve to a previously adequate stimulus, usually resulting in total loss of excitability. (noun)
  • The act of making extinct or the state of being extinct (noun)

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  • The act of extinguishing or the state of being extinguished (noun)
  • Complete destruction; annihilation (noun)
  • Reduction of the intensity of radiation as a result of absorption or scattering by matter (noun)
  • The dimming of light from a celestial body as it passes through an absorbing or scattering medium, such as the earth's atmosphere or interstellar dust (noun)
  • A process in which the frequency or intensity of a learned response is decreased as a result of reinforcement being withdrawn (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "extinction" in a sentence
  • ""The term extinction is generally used to describe new learning that the previously feared event is now safe," Phelps tells WebMD."
  • "Voluntary human extinction is the humanitarian alternative to human disasters."
  • "As compared to the neutral mutant, this probability of extinction is less by only 0.01."