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Definition of "externum" [externum]

  • In ichthyology, the pterygoid, a small bone connecting the palatine with the quadrate. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "externum" in a sentence
  • "In discussions we normaly only speak about the forum externum and not the forum internum so if we speak of "somebody committed a sin" it is to be presumed that we only want to speak about the objective level, so materialiter speaking, because it is not ours to judge the forum internum."
  • "So this usage seems to be ok - otherwise you were not at all allowed to utter the sentence "sb. comitted a sin" in such discussions about the forum externum."
  • "Much changed when the locus of penance shifted and the forum externum was replaced by the forum internum, i.e., when the treatment of sinners became more private and less formal."