Definition of "externalising" [externalising]

  • Present participle of externalise. (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "externalising" in a sentence
  • "Makamba, who has been in prison awaiting charges for six months, was accused of "externalising" foreign currency."
  • "Three years ago the firm was accused of 'externalising' over a US$1 million in payments from overseas clients but the matter then seemed to have died a natural death."
  • "Perhaps people think they have rights to housing and holidays because we regard these things as a quid pro quo for our society's being systematically dismantled by government policies - of all parties - that favour their large, global buddies (via subsidies to big business, infrastructure; the externalising of social and environmental costs; and a biassed regulatory system) at the expense of the small and local."
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