Definition of "expectance" [ex•pect•ance]

  • Expectancy. (noun)

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Use "expectance" in a sentence
  • "In Sierra Leone there is the expectance that the more fortunate people within a family take care of the less fortunate in the sense of giving school fees, maybe employing people in the businesses, Hanson added."
  • "Fair enough, but that's still compelling reason to get in on the ground floor now and begin creating reason for today's user numbers in expectance of tomorrow's, if they actually come."
  • "Perhaps the father would have liked to walk that evening in the lanes and fields where he had wandered as a young fellow: where he had first courted and first kissed the young girl he loved — poor child — who had waited for him so faithfully and fondly, who had passed so many a day of patient want and meek expectance, to be repaid by such a scant holiday and brief fruition."