Definition of "exhaustive" []

  • Treating all parts or aspects without omission; thorough: an exhaustive study. (adjective)
  • Tending to exhaust. (adjective)
  • Comprehensive in scope; thorough (adjective)

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  • Tending to exhaust (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "exhaustive" in a sentence
  • "I remember sitting around through a long dark afternoon as some people I thought I knew discussed in exhaustive detail the advantages of different kinds of winter boot."
  • "As for the “election” part of EFCA, my suggestion would be to require the vote to be held almost immediately after getting card check approval — maybe as little as one week later — which would prevent employers from engaging in exhaustive anti-union campaigning prior to the election."
  • "Nor am I the mighty-brained kind, who knows every system in exhaustive detail and who can explain the thematic differences between 3rd and 4th edition."