Definition of "exercise" []

  • An act of employing or putting into play; use: the free exercise of intellect; the exercise of an option. (noun)
  • The discharge of a duty, function, or office. (noun)
  • Activity that requires physical or mental exertion, especially when performed to develop or maintain fitness: took an hour of vigorous daily exercise at a gym. (noun)
  • A task, problem, or other effort performed to develop or maintain fitness or increase skill: a piano exercise; a memory exercise. (noun)
  • An activity having a specified aspect: an undertaking that was an exercise in futility. (noun)
  • To put into use; employ (verb)

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  • To take exercise or perform exercises; exert one's muscles, etc, esp in order to keep fit (verb)
  • To practise using in order to develop or train (verb)
  • To perform or make proper use of (verb)
  • To bring to bear; exert (verb)
  • To occupy the attentions of, esp so as to worry or vex (verb)
  • To carry out or cause to carry out, manoeuvres, simulated combat operations, etc (verb)
  • Physical exertion, esp for the purpose of development, training, or keeping fit (noun)
  • Mental or other activity or practice, esp in order to develop a skill (noun)
  • A set of movements, questions, tasks, etc, designed to train, improve, or test one's ability in a particular field (noun)
  • A performance or work of art done as practice or to demonstrate a technique (noun)
  • The performance of a function; discharge (noun)
  • A manoeuvre or simulated combat operation carried out for training and evaluation (noun)
  • A ceremony or formal routine, esp at a school or college (noun)
  • A particular type of event, such as performing on the horizontal bar (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "exercise" in a sentence
  • "I'm of the opinion that although exercise provides a multitude of health benefits, *exercise*"
  • "For many people, the term exercise has an unpleasant ring to it."
  • "The word exercise comes from the Latin exercere, meaning to keep busy or at work."