Definition of "ex" []

  • Not including; without: a stock price ex dividend. (preposition)
  • Business Free of any transport or handling charges incurred before removal from a given location: bought the goods ex warehouse. (preposition)
  • From, but not having graduated with, the class of: a Columbia alumnus, ex '70. (preposition)
  • The letter x. (noun)
  • To delete or cross out: He exed each item off the to-do list. (verb-transitive)
  • Not participating in; excluding; without (preposition)

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  • Without charge to the buyer until removed from (preposition) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "ex" in a sentence
  • "Eriugena returns in Book Three to give a very complex discussion of the meaning of ˜ex nihilo™ in the concept of creatio ex nihilo, which makes use of some of these modes of being and non-being, and, in general, these modes should be borne in mind when interpreting Eriugena's more overt metaphysical statements."
  • "_Heinsius 'ex libris antiquis'_ hitanisque _B_ hyranisque _C ut uid, M ut uid_ hytanusque _F_ hytanesque _T_ hitaneusque _ex_ hitanque _I_ hythausque _H_ iponesque _L_ | | Calesque _I."
  • "Supper does not confer _grace ex opere operato_, and that, when applied on behalf of others, alive or dead, it does not merit for them _ex opere operato_ the remission of sins, of guilt or of punishment."