Definition of "every" [ev•er•y]

  • Constituting each and all members of a group without exception. (adjective)
  • Being all possible: had every chance of winning, but lost. (adjective)
  • Being each of a specified succession of objects or intervals: every third seat; every two hours. (adjective)
  • Being the highest degree or expression of: showed us every attention; had every hope of succeeding. (adjective)
  • Every bit Informal In all ways; equally: He is every bit as mean as she is. (idiom)

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Use "every" in a sentence
  • "It's coming out of every rock, every drop of rain, every flower, every particle of air, every  stitch of clothing, every cell of skin, every bead upon our silly heads."
  • "I dreamt I was at a huge convention, but every pro writer bailed except for me and Catherine Asaro, and we were forced to do _every_ panel."
  • "By every place, we really mean *every* place — there are Place Pages for businesses, points of interest, transit stations, neighborhoods, landmarks and cities all over the world."