Definition of "everlasting" []

  • Lasting forever; eternal. (adjective)
  • Continuing indefinitely or for a long period of time. (adjective)
  • Persisting too long; tedious: everlasting complaints. (adjective)
  • God. Used with the. (noun)
  • Eternal duration; eternity. (noun)
  • Never coming to an end; eternal (adjective)

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  • Lasting for an indefinitely long period (adjective)
  • Lasting so long or occurring so often as to become tedious; incessant (adjective)
  • Endless duration; eternity (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "everlasting" in a sentence
  • "Because the text primarily discusses the fact that good qualities can be developed and faults removed on the basis of the everlasting continuum of the mind as a foundation presently tarnished with fleeting stains, the term everlasting continuum can undoubtedly also imply this meaning."
  • "The term everlasting continuum (tantra) has many meanings."
  • "Betwixt the country dances they have what I call everlasting jigs."