Definition of "especial" []

  • Of special importance or significance; exceptional: an occasion of especial joy. (adjective)
  • Relating to or directed toward a particular person, group, or purpose: called his father with especial birthday wishes; gave especial attention to the decorations. (adjective)
  • Peculiar to the individual; characteristic: She has an especial fondness for mushrooms. (adjective)
  • Unusual; notable; exceptional (adjective)

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  • Applying to one person or thing in particular; not general; specific; peculiar (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "especial" in a sentence
  • "I lived with him a life of happiness and delight for a full month, at the end of which I asked his leave340 to go on foot to the bazar and buy me certain especial stuffs and he gave me permission."
  • "I call especial attention to this forthcoming article because it abounds in accurately observed and skilfully generalized facts; and because it is most suggestive on the whole subject of the health of women, and the causes of its failure."
  • "I call your especial attention to the bulletin of the Bureau of Labor which gives a statement of the methods of treating the unemployed in European countries, as this is a subject which in Germany, for instance, is treated in connection with making provision for worn-out and crippled workmen."