Definition of "escapement" [es•cape•ment]

  • (noun) A mechanism consisting in general of an escape wheel and an anchor, used especially in timepieces to control movement of the wheel and to provide periodic energy impulses to a pendulum or balance.
  • (noun) A mechanism, as in a typewriter, that controls the lateral movement of the carriage.
  • (noun) An escape.
  • (noun) A means or way of escape.

Use "escapement" in a sentence

  • "The escapement is a conventional in-line Swiss lever type, but with all parts made from plastic, excepting the impulse pin."
  • "The scientists also said that fishery management played a role in the low numbers of returning salmon - "escapement" - in 2007."
  • "The escapement is the regulating organ of the watch, and at the heart of this new creation, the constant escapement is a blade of silicium, finer than a human hair."

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