Definition of "erie" []

  • A member of a North American Indian people formerly living south of Lake Erie (noun)
  • The language of this people, possibly belonging to the Iroquoian family (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "erie" in a sentence
  • "i actually experienced an earthquake once in erie, pa! craziness! it was mild though and only knocked a few pictures off the wall. probably deserved a 2″ on the richter scale as well."
  • "i saw 1 three years ago on the side of the road coming to a road kill deer, not a coyote this was a lot bigger and black he didnt hang around long but long enough to get my spotlight up. it was kind of erie to walk alone in the woods near my house after that."
  • "I think the slip bobber rig is the 2nd best fishing setup next to the jig. what do you think can anyone recomend a good charter for western basin of lake erie for me and my son"
  • "Yes | No | Report from archer88 wrote 51 weeks 5 days ago try a lindy rig and depending on the water an erie dearie is always good for something different!"
  • "Or just because it has the most memorable and erie and iconic theme music ever: Duuun-dun, duuun-dun, dun-dun, dun-dun doddila dooh AHHHH!!!"