Definition of "epitome" []

  • A representative or perfect example of a class or type: "He is seen . . . as the epitome of the hawkish, right-of-center intellectual” ( Paul Kennedy). (noun)
  • A brief summary, as of a book or article; an abstract. (noun)
  • A typical example of a characteristic or class; embodiment; personification (noun)

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  • A summary of a written work; abstract (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "epitome" in a sentence
  • "THE Bible contains the history of the human race in epitome; is the mirror in which every age and every generation may see reflected its own features and complexion."
  • "But when preparing my Mss. for print I found the text incomplete, many of the stories being given in epitome and not a few ruthlessly mutilated with head or feet wanting."
  • "Vocabulary What is the epitome of the word epitome?"