Definition of "epicureanism" []

  • Devoted to sensual pleasures, esp food and drink; hedonistic (adjective)
  • Suitable for an epicure (adjective)
  • An epicure; gourmet (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "epicureanism" in a sentence
  • "Curiously enough, in view of the idea of epicureanism which has become proverbial, Epicurus regards the avoidance of excess a logical and necessary step toward the tranquil life, and among other admonitions is found the following Maxim:"
  • "At Kemsing, on the other hand, he had an experience of what I may fairly call the epicureanism of religion."
  • "Even as a malapropism it reflects the way the chief connotation of epicureanism has changed from pleasure to sensual pleasure to gustatory pleasure."
  • "Rather than epicureanism the image of two spoons evokes conviviality. back"
  • "Among men he openly professed epicureanism, and gave himself the license of free talk."