Definition of "engaged" []

  • Employed, occupied, or busy. (adjective)
  • Committed, as to a cause. (adjective)
  • Pledged to marry; betrothed: an engaged couple. (adjective)
  • Involved in conflict or battle. (adjective)
  • Being in gear; meshed. (adjective)
  • Pledged to be married; betrothed (adjective)

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  • Employed, occupied, or busy (adjective)
  • Built against or attached to a wall or similar structure (adjective)
  • (of a telephone line) already in use (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "engaged" in a sentence
  • "It was all madness; he was in love, thoroughly attached to Lucy, and engaged, —engaged as strongly as an honorable man need be."
  • "Had the ladies not all been driven from the city by the pestilence, I should most assuredly have engaged some one or more of them to solve the question, whether the doctor was engaged in offices of sympathy, or an affair of the heart -- or whether he was actually _engaged_ in any way."
  • "The usual consequences followed -- he could not earn money so fast as she could spend it; the house became a scene of discord; the daughter dressed in the fashion; learned to play on the piano; was taught to think that being engaged in any useful employment was very ungenteel; and that to be _engaged to be married_ was the chief end and aim of woman; the father died a bankrupt; the weak and frivolous mother lingered along in beggary, for a while, and then died of vexation and shame."