Definition of "empyreumatic" [em•py•reu•mat•ic]

  • Characteristic of empyreuma (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "empyreumatic" in a sentence
  • "As soon as this began to thicken, Neb carefully removed it with a wooden spatula; this accelerated the evaporation, and at the same time prevented it from contracting an empyreumatic flavor."
  • "Experience tells us that olive oil should only be used with things which are soon cooked, and which do not demand too high a temperature, because prolonged ebullition developes an empyreumatic and disagreable taste produced by a few particles of pulp, which can, being impossible to be gotten rid of, carbonize."
  • "Science is a drink of the gods; but it has not yet fermented sufficiently, and, therefore is not fit for use, like vodka which has not yet been purified from empyreumatic oil."